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Malta Zampoņa 7-8 Whipala
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Professional zampoņa guarantee by Bolivian musicians

Material: Bamboo pipes
Wind Instrument: High-pitched sound
Tuning: Mi
Frequency: 4. 40 Hz
Number of Rows: 2
Pipes: 8 Upper part, 7 lower part

Approx. Size:
Length: 35 cm (13.77")
Width: 11 cm (4.33")

The Zampoņa (pan flute, also known as panpipes, syrinx, or quills) is an ancient musical instrument based on the principle of the stopped pipe, consisting usually of ten or more pipes of gradually increasing length (and, at times, girth). The pan flute is played by blowing horizontally across the open end against the sharp inner edge of the pipes. This creates the regular series of pulses which generate the sound waves within the tubes A popular instrument in the Andes, it has a Quechua or Aymara origin. They come in one or two rows in a stairway position. There are 4 kinds of Zampoņas: Toyos, low sound, Zankas 1/8 higher, Maltas 1/8 higher than Zankas and Chulis 1/8 octave higher than Maltas.

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