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Musical Instruments » String Instruments » Requinto
Semi-Professional Requinto - Jacaranda wood
$500.50 Product code: IMCHA077
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Sound box: Oregon Spruce Pine
Fingerboard: Jacaranda
Type of wood: Jacaranda
Sound hole: Round
Strings: Nylon
Tuning Pegs: Metallic Material
Bridge: Jacaranda and bone frets
General Features:
Tuning: The most common tuning for the requinto is 4 notes up from the prime guitar. This means that the tuning is A D G C E A. The requinto is notated as if it were tuned conventionally, so that the instruction to play the open first string is written as an instruction to play E. When played, a A comes out, 4 notes higher. What this means is that the requinto guitar reads from the same notation as classical (prime) guitar, and is played with the same technique - nothing is different except that the notes come out higher in pitch than the notation suggests. Once the requinto is tuned, the different tuning can be forgotten about

Approx. Size:
Length: 85 cm (33.46")
Width: 35 cm (12.20")
Height: 9 cm. (3.54").

The requinto guitar is a six-string nylon guitar with a scale length of 430 to 440 mm, which is about 18% smaller than a standard guitar scale. Its a very popular instrument in Mexico used in solos and trios to play the famous boleros.

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