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Zampoña "Paya" of 8 tubes - Ñanda Mañachi
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"Zampoña ""Paya"" professional fabricated by the craftsmen of Ñanda Mañachi and supported by professional musicians.

Material: Cane Bamboo
Pitch: My
Frequency: 4. 40 Hz
Number of Rows: A
Number of Tubes: 8

Measures Approx. de the Zampoña:
Length: 17 cm (6. 71 "")

Zampoña is an aerofono Pre-Columbian, comes from the Greek, siku, is home Aymara and Quechua. It consists of a series of rods at its ends closed lower, tied to each other in the form of raft, which was blowing in a vertical downward by the edges of the top holes .
There is a huge number of variations and names according to the type and use that are given, there are one-and two rows of tubes in the form of a staircase, rectangular or in combination ladder, use a solo or group , With or without bezel and bezel with a great variety in the number of tubes.
Its tone varies depending on the type. There are 4: Toyos: sound serious; Zanka: an octave higher than the toyos; Malta: one eighth more Zanka and that the high Chulis: an octave higher than the malts (registration runs from 4 to re re 5). "

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