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Musical Instruments » String Instruments » Guitar and Others
Electroacustic Jacaranda Guitar
$375.00 $345.00 Product code: IMCHA223
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Sound box: White Sprunce pine
Finger board: Jacaranda
Type of wood: Jacaranda
Sound hole: Round
Strings: Nylon
Tuning pins: Metallic
Bridge: Bone frets
Tuning: Mi
Frequency: 4. 40 Hz

Approx. size:
Length: 105 cm (41. 33")
Width: 38 cm (14. 96")

The classical guitar is distinguished by a number of characteristics: It is an acoustic instrument. Its name comes from the Arabic Qitara, (Kithara in Greek). The sound of the plucked string is amplified by the soundboard of the guitar which acts as a resonator. It has six strings. A few classical guitars have eight or more strings to expand the bass range, and to expand the repertoire of the guitar. The three treble strings are made from nylon, as opposed to the metal strings found on other acoustic guitars. Nylon strings also have a much lower tension than steel strings, as do the predecesors to nylon strings, gut strings (made from ox gut). The lower three strings (bass strings) are wound with metal, commonly silver plated copper. Because of the low tension of the strings the neck can be made entirely of wood, not requiring a steel truss rod. The interior bracing of the sound board can be lighter, due to the low tension of the strings. This can allow for more complex tonal qualities. There are different types of Guitars: (Acoustic, Electro acoustic, Electric)

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