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Juan Evo Morales Aima was born the 26th of October, 1959, in the community of Isallavi, which belongs to the "ayllu" Sullka, one of the three ayllus of the cantón Orinoca, province of Sud Caranas, in the department of Oruro. Isallavi lies near Lake Poopó. His Parents, Dionisio Morales Choque and Maria Aima Mamani, had 7 children, of which only three survived, the other siblings died when they were one or two years old. These are the terms of life for families or children in rural communities. More than half die. He lived in a little adobe house with a straw roof. It was small: no more than three by four meters. Ever since he was a child, Evo helped with the agricultural work. When he was six, he went with his father and sister to work during the sugar cane harvest in the north of Argentina. To continue his studies, Evo went to the city of Oruro. He studied until eleventh grade. Then he left to do his mandatory military service, in the military headquarters in La Paz. In 1979 Evo emigrated to Chapare and became a Coca farmer. Later in 1988, Evo's fellow union members elected him executive secretary of the Tropics Federation. Since 1996, Evo has held the position of president of the Coordinating Committee of the Six Federations of the Tropics of Cochabamba.

In 1997 Morales started his politics career to be the Head of state. In January 2002, The Parliamentary Ethics Commission found indications the Aymaran member of parliament had committed “serious inadequacies in the execution of his duties” and, in record time, ousted him, but he came back with more popularity that same year and the 4th. of december of 2005 he became in the First Indigenous President of Bolivia.

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