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Handicrafts » Wood
Professional Hualaycho - Armadillo Carving
$22.20 $13.30 Product code: STKBOL265
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Sound box: White Spruce Pine
Fingerboard: Jacaranda
Type of wood: Naranjillo
Sound hole: Round
Strings: Nylon
Tuning Pins: Metallic Material
Bridge: Bolivian Jacaranda and bone frets
Tuning: The Hualaycho has five pairs (or courses) of strings, typically tuned GCEAE. This tuning, disregarding octaves, is similar to the typical C-tuning of the ukulele or the Venezuelan cuatro, with the addition of a second E-course. Unlike most other stringed instruments, all ten strings are tuned inside one octave. The five courses are pitched as follows (from 5th to 1st course): gg cc eE aa ee. Some charanguistas use "octave" strings on other pairs in addition to the middle course. Note that the lowest pitch is the 1st "E" string in the middle course, followed by the "g" course, then the "a" course, then the "c" and finally the "e" strings. This tuning pattern is known as a re-entrant pattern because the pitches of the strings do not rise steadily from one string or course to the next.

Approx. Size:
Length: 60 cm (23.62")
Width: 16 cm (6.29")

The hualaycho (called walaycho in Bolivia) is a small charango. Most of the time, it is played kalampeado: by strumming, not picking, the strings. This instrument is also known as chillador, for its sound. The hualaycho is also called the charango diablo (the devil charango) when it is tuned in diablo style.

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