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June 20, 2007: Begins Its Regional Expansion with the Launch of

March 9, 2007: appears at Silicon Valley.

June 14-16, 2006: BoliviaMall participates in the “Opportunities for the Majority” Technology Fair held at the IADB Headquarters in Washington D.C.

March 16, 2006: BoliviaMall featured on CNN.

January 25, 2006:The World Media Talks About BoliviaMall Evo Morales Sweater.

November 11, 2005: BoliviaMall Awarded in the “Social Entrepreneur of the Year” Ceremony

April 1, 2005: Moves Upwards.

November 1,2004: opens its first Brick & Mortar store in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

March 2, 2004: Revista Dinero & Finanzas, "El Deber", Santa Cruz de la Sierra - "Ventas Online"

August 3, 2003: Revista Extra - Diario "El Deber", Santa Cruz de la Sierra - "En la Red"

February 26, 2003: Diario Online "", Santa Cruz de la Sierra - " lanza su nueva tienda de muebles en Internet"

December 11, 2002: Diario "El Nuevo Día", Santa Cruz de la Sierra - "Las Opciones Aumentan e Internet es el Protagonista"

December 8, 2002: Diario "La Razón", La Paz - "De Compras Navideñas con un Click"

October 24, 2002: Diario "El Diario", La Paz - " abre sus puertas"

October 13, 2002: Revista Extra - Diario "El Deber", Santa Cruz de la Sierra - "Un vínculo virtual"

October, 2002: Revista "Contacto Económico", La Paz - "BoliviaMall, un sitio virtual para comprar y para vender"

October 13, 2002: Revista  "Santa Cruz Económico", Santa Cruz de la Sierra - "BoliviaMall, la tienda virtual de los bolivianos"

October 8, 2002: Revista  "Tecnologí", La Paz - "e-commerce a través de"

October 8, 2002: Revista  "Tecnologí", La Paz - " lanza tienda de e-commerce para venta de productos de alpaca"

May 12, 2002: Revista Extra - Diario "El Deber", Santa Cruz de la Sierra - "Un vínculo virtual" as a Case Study

A number of international and research organizations have included as a case study in e-commerce papers and presentations. See below for a partial list of these documents:

January 2006: Regional Fund for Digital Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean (FRIDA) – “El Rol del Comercio Electrónico para las MIPYMES: La experiencia de Bolivia Mall” (The Role of eCommerce for Micro and Small Enterprises: The BoliviaMall Experience)

January 2006: International Trade Centre UNCTAD / WTO – “Empowering SME Exporters Through ICT: Lessons from South America”

January 2003: IUED (Institut universitaire d'études du développement) Geneve, Switzerland- "Dimension sociale du commerce électronique au service des expatriés d'Amérique latine"

May 2002: INTERNATIONAL FORUM ON TRADE FACILITATION, UNITED NATIONS ECONOMIC COMMISSION FOR EUROPE (UNECE)- "E-Commerce and Export Promotion Policies for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: East Asian and Latin American Experiences"

July 2000: Developing Countries Networking Symposium, International Telecommunication Union- "E-Commerce in Three Landlocked Countries"