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Tiwanaku Half Day (Private Service)
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"This magnificent and ancient American civilization, known as the "City of the Sun" or "City of the Gods" is located in a desert location at an altitude of 3844 mts. above sea level, southeast of Lake Titicaca and 72 km from La Paz. Tiwanaku, known as the "City of the Sun" or "City of the Gods" was an ancient pre-Inca city, located southeast of Lake Titicaca , at an altitude of 3844 meters above sea level and about 70 kilometers from the city of La Paz.
While there are different theories, Tiwanaku is considered a ceremonial center and a crowded urban center supported by a sophisticated system of terrace farming, well adapted to produce grain at high altitude. The city had been founded around 300 AD Some buildings were left unfinished when, for reasons not known, all work ceased in 900 AD
The Tiwanaku masonry reveals one of the most skilled construction jobs in South America. Some systems union of blocks of stone reflect a very ancient use of metal construction purposes.

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Pick you up from your hotel and private transportation. Arrive to tiwanacu (Travel time from the city of La Paz is approximately 2.30 hours so the trip and visit takes half a day in total.)
Tiwanaku complex consisted of a ceremonial civic center and a number of neighboring sectors, covering an area of four square kilometers.

The most important monuments:
It is the largest construction, is the vestige of a terraced pyramid 15 meters high and 152 feet on each side.
Puerta del Sol is a monument carved into a stone block of nine tons, measuring 3 meters high by 3.75 wide. Is on the platform Kalasasaya most important ceremonial temple of the Tiwanaku archaeological site.
It is a temple built with large stones five feet high. This ceremonial center measured 126 meters long by 117 wide. Inside there is a large sunken rectangular courtyard (underground temple), which was descending a stairway carved into a rock only six steps.
Entering through the main gate of the temple, is the "Wake" or "Ponce Monolith, which represents a priest.
Bennett monolith. Located inside the "underground church. " It is the largest in Tiwanaku and measures 7.30 m high by 1.20 m wide. It is carved from a single block is rectangular and rests on a pedestal.

Return to La Paz Drop off at your hotel"

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